Once a month we will be highlighting a new athlete; telling their story and tracking their progress. Our first spotlight athlete of the month is Ken Russell. We asked Ken a few questions about his experience woth Crossfit so far....


Q. Name, rank, serial#

A: What do you mean by that?


Q. When did you start cross fitting?

A: My first on ramp class was Aug 2nd (2013)


Q. Favorite and least favorite movement?

A: Favorite movement I can't do yet, handstand walks. Favorite I can... box jumps because I could do them before and look forward to using taller boxes as I progress. Least favorite I think might be overhead squats, I don't feel comfortable doing them yet. .


Q: Most memorable wod and why?

A: 9/11 WOD because it was so tough and with the encouragement and patience of Ruben I eventually finished the 4002k of the running which felt like a great personal achievement. .


Q: Goals for the next 6 months?

A:  I want to do more and more of the WOD parts at RX if I can. I want to be able to do regular pushups and pullups (even if it's just with band at first). I really want to eventually do handstands. I want to hit my goal weight of 170lbs. 


Q: Favorite wod song?

A: Radioactive by imagine Dragons 


Q: Current Fran time?

A: Fran 10/1/13 45lbs / Jumping pull-ups 7:45


8. Goal Fran time?

A: My first goal is to be able to do Fran, however long it takes at RX.


Q: What class do you usually attend?

A: Almost always attend the 6am class. Usually M,T,Th,F. 


10. What made you choose CrossFit?

A: Crossfit seemed both very effective and like it would never be routine. Those two things were very appealing to me.


More from Ken... 

"My time at Cobalt has been incredible. There are so many things I could not do and still wouldn't be able to do if I wasn't doing crossfit. Ruben from day one has been a great coach, he really helps me push myself without being demanding or pushy. He is always encouraging, seems to really care about my progress and is always mindful that I am doing the activities correctly. I really like the group of people I regularly attend classes with. Kraig and Paulina are great people and I look forward to seeing and working out with them each day. Everyone I've met at Cobalt has been very nice.

I had made progress toward my goals before joining Cobalt. But nothing like the progress I've made after joining. I've also found as time goes on, especially recently, I find myself enjoying the workouts themselves more as opposed to just enduring them for the enjoyment of the results."







 - CF Cobalt Staff

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