CrossFit Cobalt Internship Program


In an effort to help those who are looking to expand their CrossFit knowledge and coaching experience (and cultivate coaches for future expansion), CrossFit Cobalt will now be offering a comprehensive 6-month internship program. This program is designed to enhance a CF Level-1 Certified individual's knowledge and skill-set so that they are able to confidently and effectively teach what they have learned to CrossFit members. The first three months of the program will be spent shadowing an experienced coach, gaining a greater understanding of the movements, becoming more familiar with a variety of cues and understanding how Crossfit Cobalt operates. During the second three months, there will be a transition toward more hands on learning, where the intern will take on more responsibility and lead classes, learning valuable skills such as time management and establishing a productive class environment. Following successful completion of the program, you may consider yourself a full staff member, able to coach independent classes.

If you are interested in applying, please send a note to


In addition, while we encourage all of our athletes to be social and help one another out we do ask that prospective interns and athletes refrain from coaching each other on barbell movements. While the cues you are giving may be correct, our coaches have been trained to teach lifts in an order of operations from safety to efficiency and we want to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for all of our athletes. We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and we are all eager to share our knowledge, but safety always comes first! 


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