Yup, we read them.  

Here are some questions we've gotten that we don't want to go unanswered! Thank you so much for taking the time to help us get better. It's all about you, the members, and we need to know how we are doing and how to make your experience at Cobalt as productive as possible. 

Please keep your suggestions coming! (The suggestion box is located on the little fridge!) 


1. Can we get a mobility class?

Yes! Starting in September we will be holding specialty classes on Mondays at 8pm. These courses will be designed to practice specific skills to support people in becoming an all around better crossfitter. The schedule will be as follows:

  • First Monday of every month: Gymnastics
  • Second Monday of every month: Mobility
  • Third Monday of every month: Strongman
  • Fourth Monday of every month: Olympic Lifting
  • if there is a fifth Monday: Regular GPP class - (that's fancy for General Physical Preparedness)


2. Can we get a yoga instructor?

We would love to bring yoga to Crossfit Cobalt! We have been on the lookout for an instructor who we could work with and incorporate into the schedule for some time. We would love to provide this class at little to no additional cost, so please be patient as we find try to find someone and let us know if you know anyone!


3. Don't score the tabatas as the lowest rep.

The Tabata "lowest set" scoring has to do with the initial application of the 20:10 work/rest application. It was introduced by Dr. Tabata to assist his bicycle athletes with an increase in VO2 max, and increase work capacity. The idea was not to 100% tax the athletes quickly, but rather to keep them at a high level of work over the entire set of 20:10 work/rest cycles. He would find out what the max wattage the athletes could hold, then would have them do the Tabata workout sessions from start to finish at 85% of their max wattage.

Tabata isn't about "dash and crash," It's about going consistently hard throughout the entire workout. If your first set gets you 25 reps, and your last set gets you only 3, you're missing the boat on this particular type of exercise. Try holding back a bit in the start, so you can finish at or near the same number of reps, or if you're a glutten, push yourself harder to not fall off pace!

We don't always score this way, but when we do it's because we want you to work hard and not dog it for a single round. If you do have a bad round though it's okay, we forgive you, but still give it your all. You're only cheating yourself if you don't!


4. Don't write times on the board, it causes people to be competitive. 

An article from Inc. Magazine about Greg Glassman the founder of CrossFit, explains the concept behind the competitive nature of CrossFit: "To goose participants' natural competitiveness, he mandated that the workouts be for time, or for as many rounds or reps as possible in a set time period, so that no one slacked off." 

Read for yourself here:

It's not a mandatory part of Crossfit, in fact there are gyms that don't' believe in posting scores, and that's fine. We believe that besides cultivating some friendly competition, it also gives athletes something to shoot for. When we see something is possible for someone else, it suddenly becomes possible for us, too. 

"If he can do it, I can do it."




**In the future if you don't feel comfortable with us posting your concerns online, just let us know on your suggestion.



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