Hello Members! 

Beginning Monday September 9th at 8PM we will be having a new specialty class each week. That's every Monday night at 8PM! The schedule is as follows:

  • 1st Monday = Gymnastics with Jacky P.
  • 2nd Monday = Mobility
  • 3rd Monday = Strong Man
  • 4th Monday = Olympic Lifting

This means there will no longer be a regular class at 8PM on Mondays. If there is a 5th Monday we'll either run a rowing class, or have an open gym. There is no extra charge for these classes. All are welcome. There will be a cap though! You must sign up through Mindbody to reserve a spot. (Mindbody sign-in coming early next week!)


- Gymnstics will focus on body movements such as handstands, handstand walks, kipping, etc.. 

- Mobility will focus on teaching and performing specific mobility exercises to increase ROM, decrease pain and improve performance

- Strong Man will focus on lifting things up and putting them down. We'll use irregular objects to build neural connections and strength. 

- Olympic Lifting will focus on learning the clean and jerk and snatch. 


**Don't forget that Labor Day is Sept. 1st, so we will begin on "week 2 - Mobility on the 9th" 


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