Warm up:  (20 min)

Row 400m
Cobra stretch
Iron Cross
reverse lunch with twist over front knee
side lunges x 10
shoulder mobility
OHS x 15
10 pull-ups
10 TTB
10 Push-Ups
Bear Crawl x 2
Wall climb x 3

Plank Challenge as a class. (Entire class holds plank, last person jumps over everyone until they reach the end and yell “go”; next person jumps over plunkers until the end..etc… until across the room)

WOD:  (15 min)

Half the class will perform

5 min. AMRAP

  •  Bear Crawl down and back
  • 5 HSPU

while the other half performs:

5 min. AMRAP

  • 3 hang cleans
  • 10 air squats
  • 5 pull-ups

rest 2 min. and switch

STRENGTH: Max Yolk Carry (20 min)

Cool Down: (5 min)

  • Cobra stretch
  • Iron Cross
  • Quad Stretch
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