December Spotlight of the Month


This months Athlete Spotlight is on Jen Lee, while many of you have not truly seen the transformation Jen has undergone, it is a hot topic for the people in the morning! It is amazing to see how different, fit and health Jen now looks. Her determination and willingness to learn is uncanny and is an inspiration to everyone she works out with. 

Jen, being a hockey mom (and no not driving her kids to practice, she is the one in the rink) is a prime example to us at CFC what hard work looks like. Every day Jen walks in with a big smile and is ready to conquer what ever task we have set out for the day. Your progress is amazing and inspirational, keep up the good work!


Q: Name, and tell us a little about yourself, what do you like to do outside the gym?

A: Jenn Lee I am married and have two boys and two crazy puppies. I am on a running team and two hockey teams. When I am not busy with my own sports I am running my kids to theirs. Life is crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way. When we do have some free time we love to go boating or to the beach.


Q: How long have you been crossfitting?

A: I have been crossfitting for a little over two years. My cousin Jason who is a trainer suggested I try it he said it was "right up my alley" boy was he right I was hooked from the first 3,2,1 Go!


Q: What is your favorite/ most memorable WOD?

A: My most memorable WOD was the EMOM 5 burpees/ thruster. You had to get to 70 thrusters but had to stop and do 5 burpees every min. Anyone who did this WOD would remember that day lol. It was the closest I have ever come to quitting. I was cursing and giving Dave the finger when he was yelling time for burpees. But we made up and are friends again lol. Another WOD that sticks out for me was hero WOD Holleyman. 30 rounds of 5 wall balls, 3 HSPU and power clean. I had just learned how to do HSPU and was still afraid to do them. I figured let me do this WOD because doing 90 of them will get me over the fear. I was on the wall next to coach Chris and she definitely helped me get through that day.


Q: What is your current Fran time? Goal time?

A: My last Fran time was 7:30 that was back in May, which was before I lost 45 lbs. So I wonder what my time would be now. Guess I know what I'm doing next open gym. My goal wouldn't be a time; my goal is to RX it someday.


Q: What are your short-term goals? Long term?

A: My short term goals are to do legit pull-ups, get my double unders strung together and run a marathon again. My long-term goals are to stay injury free and to keep progressing in weight that I can lift.


Q: What keeps you coming back day after day?

A: What keeps me coming back is that it's different every day. I'm never bored and am always challenged, I love seeing progress and working on my struggles. I have also formed a bond with several members. We love to joke about how crazy some of the WODs are but then there we are showing up day after day and I love that we are each other’s biggest fans and cheerleaders.


Q: What is your most memorable moment with CrossFit Cobalt?

A: Most memorable moment would be this years barbells for boobs. I was so proud watching all our members and coaches kicking some serious butt! I felt like we are all part of an extended family. I know a lot of gyms like to say that but I believe we truly are at Cobalt. I felt so welcome from the first day, which was huge for me, and I think is a big part of my progress.


Q: What has CrossFit done for you?

A: Crossfit has done so much for me. I tried it in the first place because I was a runner and was experiencing injury after injury. I thought if I tried this I would become a well-rounded athlete. Not only have I accomplished that but I fell in love with a whole new sport. I am facing fears and doing things I never thought I could. As a woman it's refreshing to not be obsessed with the number on the scale. I care now more about how strong I am not what I weigh thanks to crossfit! I can't thank the coaches enough each of you has guided me and helped me. I look up to you guys more than you will ever know.

CrossFit Cobalt - 411B Lexington Ave. West Babylon, NY - 631.649.4070