This month our athlete spotlight is on Keely Harris. We asked Keely a few questions about her experience with Crossfit so far....


Q. Name, rank, serial#

A. Keely...Mom...Gram


Q. When did you start cross fitting?

A: Mid April of Last Year (2013)


Q: Favorite and least favorite movement?

A: Favorite are kettle bell swing and my least are double unders because I ain't got no rhythm.


Q: Most memorable wod and why?

A: Most WODS are fun yet challenging but the one that sticks in my mind was the one I thought I couldn't accomplish but found it very possible. Last summer we had to push a very heavy football apparatus??? down the street and back 200 m. Yeah!


Q: Goals for the next 6 months?

A: Get even STRONGER!


Q: Favorite wod song?

A: at this moment ...Happy


Q: Current Fran time? 

A: Not sure because I have not done it recently & I'm still learning what these different WODS mean etc. Pull ups ...still using a band but much stronger than when I started.


Q: Goal Fran time? 

A: My first goal will be under 10 minutes? Im really not sure where I'm at. 


Q: What class do you usually attend?

A: morning classes 9 or 10 but afternoon visits when my schedule is off. 


Q: What made you choose CrossFit?

A: My daughter suggested to try it because I needed to strengthen my upper body. She was tired of doing all my lifting for me ...LOL I no longer ask her to lift anything for me


More from Keely... 

I just wanted you to know that Cobalt Crossfit has changed my life to HAPPY!...thanks!


A word from Cobalt:

While we have seen so many amazing transformations at Cobalt, it has been especially fun to watch Keely grow and excel as an athlete. In the beginning, the movements we were asking her to complete were way out of her comfort zone, but as time passed Keely continued to practice and improve. Her effort and dedication became very evident one Saturday afternoon class during a partner WOD where she was doing everything in her power to motivate her partner and keep them moving. Keely, who at one time, had to be show every movement before a WOD was taking the a fellow athlete under her wing and providing encouragement and guidance.



 - CF Cobalt Staff

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