July Athlete Spotlight Of the Month


This month's athlete spotlight is on Jason, and we could not be more proud. From day one Jason has been an amazing member and addition to the gym. Always eager to learn and always smiling (and apologizing) Jason has an enthusiasm none can match. 

Jason is constantly striving to get better, and never quits... EVER. We have all felt like we were going to puke, in fact some of us have. However, Jason is the first person I have actually seen puke mid run and keep going (and apologize for stopping). His mental fortitude is second to none and his hard work and determination is contagious.  At first he was timid and doubting his true ability, now after only a few months Jason is climbing the ropes, flipping tires, and completing our toughest hero WODs.

1.     Name, and tell us a little about yourself, what do you like to do outside the gym?

Hi, my name is Jason Zamft and I sweat a lot and I love to be anxiety-ridden about our Daily WOD’s lol.  No honestly, I enjoy the simple things; hanging out with friends, going out for some sushi or spending the night at a great restaurant. When time allows it, I love doing physical activities like Mountain Biking, Running, and various other sports. I also love to binge watch shows and movies with my best-friend = Netflix.

2.     How long have you been Cross-fitting?

As of this month, it’s going on 5 incredible months of pain and joy…and lots of sweat.


3.     What is your favorite/most memorable WOD?

I don’t know if I would call it my favorite WOD but “Kalsu” was absolutely memorable for the intense torturous challenge it posed on all of us.  I’ve only attacked it once and it beat me down to the core.  But, every day I look forward to one day meeting “Kalsu” again and holding onto the belief I’ll be able to beat “her”, the way she beat me lol.


4.     What is your current Fran time? Goal Time?

It’s an embarrassing 11:00 minutes but the goal is always to be as fast as possible.  I hope to manage to finish it under 6:00 minutes within the upcoming months and when we meet “Fran” once again.

5.     What are your short-term goals? Long-term?

My short-term goals and long-terms goals are one in the same - to be able to turn my weaknesses into strengths.  For example, I want to turn my struggle with pull-ups and turn them into strong-point of mine.  I would also like to become a dependable and reliable teammate to call on to compete at upcoming competitions or who knows, represent CrossFit Cobalt at those high-level competitions in a few years’ time.


6.     What keeps you coming back day after day?

Besides the incredible people, teammates, and trainers; the challenge of knowing today’s WOD/Workout will break me down and hurt bad actually brings me back day after day.  CrossFit Cobalt and its trainers/owners have truly shown me what it feels to want to quit yet, still hold onto that belief (in mind, body, and heart) that I can and will finish. 

When you see those who you admire right across from you, hurting just as much as you yet, pushing through that indescribable pain and burn; it teaches you and instills a belief that you, yourself, can finish and nothing is unattainable.  This new found belief doesn’t only exist in the gym but its stays with you as you leave those doors of our glorious “box”.


7.     What is your most memorable moment with CrossFit Cobalt?

There are several memorable moments with CrossFit Cobalt that I can consider and value.  When I think of CrossFit Cobalt; I think of the people I’ve grown to admire and now consider friends. These people have made my time at CrossFit Cobalt the most memorable. 

Those moments consist of my Trainers Dave M. coming out in the middle of the pouring rain to run one last 800m with me, just to let me know I can finish.  It’s when Beth H-S., who just endured a brutal workout herself, gets down and does several Burpees and Pike Push-Ups right next to me, yelling furiously at me to push with a tenacity that is defined by love, care, and pure belief in me.  Its trainers/coaches like Steph C., Roo S., John M., Ruben S., Chris M., Trish P., Jacky P., and teammates like Joe C., Casey O., Tony M., Jill G., Alex, Belinda, Heaven, Bill, JC, and everyone else I’ve missed to mention, who continue to believe in me, when I feel like giving up on myself.

Their belief becomes mine and that’s what most memorable about my time thus far at CrossFit Cobalt…It’s what keeps me pushing…its keeps me believing.


8.     What has CrossFit done for you?

 CrossFit has done so many things for me, it’s truly indescribable and whatever I may say will seem like an understatement when I re-read it.  It’s given me the ability to believe, endure, and persist.  It’s given me a group of friends that I honestly admire that push me to work/train harder in the hopes of being just as great as they are.

It may seem cliché but the words “Quit” “I Can’t” or “Stopping” just doesn’t hold any worth; because of CrossFit, they are absent of meaning.

Most importantly, CrossFit has given me a new lease/outlook on life.  It’s taken me from path lost in direction to a path of enlightenment and understanding.  It has made me physically stronger, fitter, but above all else – it has given me hope and strength of mind.  I no longer doubt, I simply believe…and CrossFit Cobalt is the sole purpose for all of this…I’m forever indebted to this glorious box or should I say…home/family.


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