Barbell Club

Starting this Thursday August 7th at 9PM, we will start The CFC Barbell Club. We will be undergoing a set program designed to dramatically increase strength in your squat, deadlift and press. This is not an instructional class, as much as a strength class. There will always be coaching and guidance, but little time will be spent instructing on lifts. Participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be proficient in all power lifts and basic crossfit movements -- this means you are confident you can safely perform all crossfit movements with or without modifications. Your current 1RM has no bearing. Basically anyone can do it, unless you have to ask what power lifts lifts are, or are still unsure about some of the skills we perform regularly. If that's the case, give yourself a bit more time before starting an additional strength program. This is not an instructional class.
  • Must be able to consistently commit to attending 2x week (see times below). If you can't do this, please do not take a spot away from someone else who can.
  • Must keep a journal of your progress (you bring the notebook, we'll provide the spreadsheets)
  • Must be ready to pick things up and put them down, smile, have some laughs, and generally be a bad ass.

As of now, we will have class Monday and Thursday evening at 9PM, and Thursday morning at 11AM. Once we get started, we will do our best to find another hour that fits participants schedules best. This is a 12 week rotation, so again, if you can not commit to participating 2x a week for at least 12 weeks then wait until you can. 

As of now, the CFC Barbell Club is free of charge to members. Once we get running, there may be a small monthly fee, but while it's coming together enjoy getting strong on us :)


Email us! ASAP. Due to limited rack space, 14 spots are all we can offer at this time. When we get another day or two added, we will be able to increase the number of participants.

CrossFit Cobalt - 411B Lexington Ave. West Babylon, NY - 631.649.4070