A quick thanks!!

I wanted to start out by congratulating everyone who competed in Flex on the Beach this past weekend. To all of our competitors, congratulations you all did a phenomenal job. Everyone who came down and represented Cobalt, as an athlete or spectator we could not be more proud!!

As many of you know, I am heading to Ecuador for a few weeks with a volunteer program for school. While I may be gone I will be thinking of all of you! I am so proud of all that our athletes have accomplished and this past weekend was a true testament to that. 

The gym has grown into an amazing community of people who are bettering their lives and themselves everyday. I want you all to keep up the awesome work and keep kicking ass. Remember why you are here and why you crossfit; to become a better you and to have fun!

I love you all and wish you many PR's and Tacos while I am gone!


-- David

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