February Athlete Spotlight of the Month


This Months Athlete Spotlight is on Greg! Although many of us are not used to working out with Greg, his presence is always something special in a class. He is (like many of our members) never seen without a smile and is always one of the first people to be rooting someone one on. 

Nominated by Coach Ruben, Greg has undergone a tremendous transformation. From our end we see Greg not only growing in strength but with confidence as well. He is continuously pushing himself to become better and has only begun to unlock his true potential as an athlete and a crossfitter. So this month we would like to congratulate Greg and wish him many more PR's......and tacos!


Q: Name, and tell us a little about yourself, what do you like to do outside the gym?

A: My name is Greg, I’m 23 years old, and live in Babylon. I graduated in 2013 from 

Bryant University with a degree in International Business. I’ve been living back in 

Babylon since September 2013, and currently work for Broadridge Financial 

Solutions. When I’m not at Cobalt or work, I will more than likely be swimming, 

eating my way around Babylon Village with family/friends, or venturing into the 

city. Music plays a huge role in my life, and I try to see as many shows as possible 

(wallet permitting). During the summer, I can almost always be found at Overlook 



Q: How long have you been crossfitting?

A: I was coerced into joining Crossfit by my older brother back in September of 

2013, and haven’t looked back since… 


Q: What is your favorite/ most memorable WOD?

A: My most memorable WOD would have to be during the Movember Fundraiser in 

2013. It involved sets of pullups, wall balls, box jumps, and Russian twists; all 

without dropping a medicine ball. I had Dave as a personal coach for the WOD, and 

knew that I was in for a doozy. It was the hardest that I’d pushed myself since 

starting Crossfit, and had to sit down for twenty minutes afterwards to recuperate. 

Although it wasn’t my favorite WOD, I sure as hell will never forget it. 


Q: What is your current Fran time? Goal time?

A: My current Fran time is 7:45. A goal time would be 6:30. 


Q: What are your short-term goals? Long term?

A: My short term goals are to do strict handstand pushups at high reps and get abs 

of steel. In the long term, I plan to achieve a 450lb deadlift. Overall, I want to be able 

to continuing doing CrossFit for a very long time, and hopefully without sustaining 

serious injury. 


Q: What keeps you coming back day after day?

A: I come back to CrossFit every single day because of the variety, results, people, 

and constant challenge. The WOD’s are never alike, and the variety keeps me on my 

toes. I found that the more I did CrossFit, the more and more I actually enjoyed the 

workouts themselves. If I go to Cobalt just three days out of the week, I notice a 

difference in my body, and that gives me further motivation to keep going back. 

Lastly, I work out at 6am almost every day, and certainly wouldn’t be there so early 

if I wasn’t enjoying myself. Ruben does a great job at instructing the class, and 

there’s never a shortage of laughs. The comradery and environment at Cobalt truly 

makes exercise a great time. 


Q: What is your most memorable moment with CrossFit Cobalt?

A: One of the most memorable moments at CrossFit Cobalt took place on a snowy 

Saturday morning. I sustained my first (and thankfully only) shin injury while 

performing a box jump. Since there were zero ice packs, fellow members helped in 

gathering snow outside to create a makeshift ice pack. I could never think of 

anything worthy of getting tattooed on my body, so this “tattoo” is quite the 

alternative. I also managed to meet one of my best friends to this day that same 

morning. It was a moment that proved everything happens for a reason; and to 

never go to CrossFit after a night out. 


Q: What has CrossFit done for you?

A: CrossFit has given me a sense of fearlessness. I’ve surprised myself so many times 

with what I am possible of achieving at Cobalt, and I’ve taken that same attitude and 

applied it to my life. The “can do” attitude is something that I didn’t always have, and 

I am seeing more in my life that my confidence is quite higher. I’m excited to see 

what challenges I’ll conquer in the future as a result of exercising at CrossFit.

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