March Athlete of the Month

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This month's Athlete of the Month is Kristine Ostrem. Ostrem always walks in the gym (usually late and in scrubs) with a big smile on her face.  Constantly working hard and pushing herself she is always looking to improve. 

A testament to Ostrems drive would have to be her muscle ups. After much practice she was finally able to get her first one, not even a month later she is banging out 14 of them effortlessly in the open workout 15.3. 

Your hard work is an inspiration to us all, keep up the good work!!!!


Q: Name, and tell us a little about yourself, what do you like to do outside the gym?

A: My name is Kristine, most of you know me as “ostrem” or “sally.” I am soon to be 

27 years young, and if you know me, you know I’m always working.  I’m currently a 

nurse, working at Hospital for Special Surgery, and also an Emergency Medical 

Technician working on an ambulance.  I currently live in West Islip, but hopefully 

that will change soon.  When I’m not working or at Cobalt, I love to kick my feet up 

and relax with a couple of drinks and good friends.  Summer is my favorite season, 

you can always find me on my paddle board, eating Taco’s, or at the beach 



Q: How long have you been crossfitting?

A: I have been crossfitting for a little over two years now.  A year at Crossfit Rapture, 

and a little over a year at Crossfit Cobalt.  


Q: What is your favorite/ most memorable WOD?

A: I have to say the most memorable WOD for me would be Amanda, (which is 9,7,5 

muscle ups and snatches.) because that was the first time I ever did a muscle up.  It 

is a WOD I will never forget.  I walked into the doors of the gym that night, and I 

knew it was the day I was going to get a muscle up, and sure enough, I did.  Coach 

Beth, and Coach Charlie were chanting so loud, and the rest of the class stopped the 

WOD and cheered me on, as I was on top of the rings.  After I did one, I never 

thought I would be able to do another one.  I finished the WOD with 9 muscle ups, 

and couldn’t help but smile for the rest of the night. 


Q: What is your current Fran time? Goal time?

A: I honestly don’t know my Fran time.  I know it’s terrible, BUT I haven’t done it in a 

while, but my goal time would be around 6 minutes or less.  I look forward to that 

WOD and seeing my actual time, and this time, I’ll record it.  


Q: What are your short-term goals? Long term?

A: My short term goals are to be able to string together 2-3 muscle ups at a time.  

Right now, I have to jump down after each one, it would be nice to string together a 

couple of them at one time.  

My Long term goals, are to work on my form.  I don’t have the best form when it 

comes to dead lifts and snatches.   I would like to work on my form so I can be the 

best athlete I can possibly be without getting hurt.  


Q: What keeps you coming back day after day?

A: What keeps me coming back day after day? The people! I love everyone at Cobalt, 

they make you want to come back every day, whether the work out is great or awful, 

the people and the coaches welcome you in with a smile.  Also, one day is never the 

same, the wod’s are always changing, and I love to see everyone’s improvement on a 

daily basis.   I also love the constant challenge, it really pushes you beyond your 

limit, but I’m always leaving with a smile, and a swift ass kicking.  


Q: What is your most memorable moment with CrossFit Cobalt?

A: I have a lot of memorable moments with Crossfit Cobalt.  It’s hard to choose one 

in particular, but one great moment was last year, when crossfit cobalt put a team 

together for the Spartan race at Citi Field.  We had a great time conquering Citi 

field’s obstacles together as a team and we had a great time hanging out after.  But 

there are so many memories at cobalt, some as simple as watching people PR every 

single day.   


Q: What has CrossFit done for you?

A:  Crossfit has changed my life for the best.  And I can honestly say that.  Crossfit 

has helped me run marathons, ultra marathons, and helped me to overcome 

challenges in life, annndd gets some abs. (HA)  Crossfit is not easy, being challenged 

on a daily basis can become tough, but the outcome is so rewarding.  I will never 

look back starting crossfit, especially at Cobalt.  It has changed my life for the best, 

and I can’t help but thank all the members and the coaches, because without any of 

you, it wouldn’t be the same.  And I wouldn’t be so excited to come back on a daily 

basis.  Who thought exercising would be so great?!

CrossFit Cobalt - 411B Lexington Ave. West Babylon, NY - 631.649.4070