Warm up:

  • Run 400m
  • Atlas stretch
  • Bootstraps
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Push ups x 10
  • Pull ups x 10
  • Air squats x 20
  • Med ball cleans x 10
  • Med ball sit ups x 20


In teams of two:

While one team member keeps their feet off the ground, the other completes 25 deadlifts (225/155) and switch


While one team member holds (255/155) off the floor in a deadlift, the other completes 10 Reverse burpees and switch

(Reverse burpee= start standing, facing the wall, squat down, roll to your back with feet in the air, roll fwd to squat and kick into handstand)


As a team, complete 20 tire flips with each person doing a tire jump between each flip (can flip individually or as a team)

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