• Jumping Jacks x 25

  • Junkyard Dogs x 3

  • Downward Dog :30

  • Butterfly Stretch :30

  • Quad Stretch

  • Shoulder Mobility

  • Banded Shoulder

  • Banded Pull-Aparts x 10

  • Jumping Air Squats x 10

  • Pikes x 10

  • Twisting Sit-Ups x 20


“Roxanne”: Knees to feet to box jump


7 min AMRAP

  • 10 Wall Balls

  • 6 Burpee Box Jump Overs

immediately following

minute 8: 20 recovery squats

minute 9: 10 recovery squats

minute 10: 5 recovery squats


Time to push yourself. We’ll work on explosiveness in the challenge, and emphasize using your hips to create upward movement. During the WOD, hit the gas and hang on. Learn to ride the edge of your red line without going over. It’s about pacing, not going too hard and then resting until you’re ready again. Keep moving at a pace you can sustain. Recovery squats will teach you quads how to return to baseline faster.

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