Well that's it! What an amazing way to finish this year's Open! All the Thrusters! We raised $959 for St. Jude Children's Hospital. That's amazing! Thank you to everyone who donated their time and money, and a special thanks to all of our captains who made this such a great Open Season! The spirit award went to #Fitfam, who edged out the warrior with about 50 more raffle tickets collected. The WOD winners were Beth, Casey, Melissa, Marc, Roo and Kevin Barry for Rx. The scaled winners were Meghan, Cindy, Lea, Ed, Dave and Kris. Again,m thank yo to everyone, and we are so proud of all of your hard work and accomplishments! Way to go Fam!


What an awesome week of beer, corned beef and deadlifts! We repeated 16.4, and saw some amazing improvements. The Warriors grabbed the spirit award this week with an amazing display of Irish food and goodies! #Fitfam stayed on top overall though, edging out The Cyclones by 3 points overall after week 4. The Rx Winners were Beth, Casey Owens, Sam, Marc, Roo and Candiano. The scaled winners were Christina, Liz, Kasia, Joe D., Tommy, and Pete H. One week left Cobalt, who's getting their name on that plaque??


#FITFAM takes the lead! In a great week that supported our military, we had balloons, cupcakes, strawberries, jello shots, and rotating Seth! The smashers got the win for spirit with that one, and the Cyclones, #fitfam, and Warriors finished out the spirit awards (in that order). The WOD winners this week for Rx were Marc, Roo, and Candiano of the men, and Casey Owens, Beth and Melissa for the ladies. Scaled winners were Tony T., Tom (Micky), and Mike Renner for the guys and Kimball, Mary and Liz for the ladies. 2 weeks to go....get ready for 17.4 St. Patty's Style!


Well, Cyclones have jumped ahead! They had a ton of participation points (some carried over from last week that were missed), and they killed it with the WOD wins. Rx winners were Beth, Melissa, Casey Owens, Roo, Marc and Keith. The scaled winners were Meghan, Carolyn, Rebecca, Ed, Tony T, and Joe D. The Warriors took home the spirit award...because lets just face it...peanut butter cups. 2 weeks down already!

Week 1 Re-Cap:

Way to kick it off Cobalt!! Week one is a tie between the #fitfam and The Cyclones. They shared the spirit award for the week, with beer and snacks to add to Friday Night Lights party. Let's face it, those cookies Casey makes are the bomb, but the bananas really came in handy all weekend. The Rx winners were, Marc, Roo, Brandon, Beth, Sam, and Cindy. The Scaled winners for the week were Kasia, Liz, Kira, Ed, Mike R., and Tony T!


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