IT’s official.

A tribe called press takes the 2019 title!

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That’s a wrap, folks! Who thought we’d end with such an epic WOD, that much beer, and that much pizza?! The Tribe takes the win and hangs on for the Official 2019 CFC Intramural Championship! Sometimes I Thruster won the spirit award this week for providing most of the beer, all the wine, and the pizza. Dirty Deadlifters (and Hannah) came through for second with a MEGA serving of wings. The Tribe represented Cobalt with a strong showing as always, but let’s be honest, they didn’t need the points. The WOD wins for Rx were Kim, Beth, Melissa, Roo, Jay Z., and Corey. In a killer Scaled competition this week, the winners were Diana, Liz, Nicole, Seamus, Papa Bear and Mike Q. Congrats to Jen and A Tribe Called Press, and to all of our captains and athletes on an amazing Open Season!


What an amazing night! We raised over $850 for #juliestrong! I love to see our community come together, and lift each other up. Way to go, Fam! I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. In other news, The Tribe is running away with the title! They absolutely crushed the spirit award this week with more than both the other teams combined. Rx winners fro the week were Roo, Corey, Jeff, Beth, Melissa and Kim. The Scaled winners were Liz, Bee, Diana, Papa Bear, Bubba and Seamus.

One more week already! Let’s go out in style. The spirit award goes to the team that best represents Cobalt! Stay after to expand our community and celebrate a long 5 weeks with some free pizza over at Lindy!


The Tribe takes a commanding lead in week 3! Although Double D’s took the Spirit Award for military week with Hannah’s bad-ass war-zone ‘murca cupcakes, the WOD wins were just too much to overcome. They went as follows: Rx was Beth, Melissa, Sam, Corey, Roo, and Tom. Scaled winners were Bubba, Papa Bear, Mike Q., Angelica, Tamara, and Jenell.

19.4 is our fundraiser week. Please collect whatever you can raffle off and bring it to the gym clearly marked with your team name. Feel free to bring stuff in early!


A Tribe Called Press just narrowly takes week 2 and the overall lead! There was a tie between The Tribe and the Double D’s for Spirit points. They both were so awesome, it was impossible to choose. Sometime I Thruster came up only one point short for the lead with their big number for WOD wins this week. The top finishers this week for Rx were Roo, Kevin, Jay, Beth, Kim and Melissa. For the scaled it was Bubba, Papa Bear, Mike Q., Ingrid, Jenell, and Janette.

19.3 is MILITARY WEEK! Any way you can think of to support the good ‘ole USA and/or our Troops….do it!


It’s Dirty Deadlifts for the win!! Green Team scores 33 points to edge out Red and Blue. The Team Spirit Award was a close call, but the honor goes to A Tribe Called Press! It was next to impossible to decide who was second and third, so we called a tie between Sometimes I Thruster on the First Date and Dirty Deadlifts. The Rx points went to Luke, Roo, Kevin, Kim, Sue, and Beth and Sam (tie). The Scaled points went to Papa Bear, Bubba, Lea, Jenell and Ingrid.

19.1 is behind us…let’s not think about rowing or wall balls for a long time to come. 19.2 is coming soon, so lets get after it! Team Spirit is the theme again, so let’s see what ya got!


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