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WEEK 5 - 18.5

Well folks, thats it! A great finish to one of the best CF Opens ever. Everyone's participation and support of each other was amazing to watch and experience!

The last week's win was once again Cobalt Express, giving them the overall 2018 Intramural Championship! They won the spirit award this week as well for the points sweep. For the Men's Rx, the winners were Marc, Roo and Kevin B. The Women Rx winners were Beth, Sam and Sue. Scaled Men were Joe D. and Mike B., and the Scaled Women winners were Donna, Amanda, and Silvia.

Get to work on those pull-ups, handstand walks and muscle ups! We have 47 weeks until the 2019 Open!

WEEK 4 - 18.4

What an amazing Friday Night Lights. We raised over $1800 for #julistrong. Overall, Cobalt Express takes the win again, with Cobalt Lightning winning the spirit points for the 4th week in a row! (386 raffles collected). The WOD winners this week for Rx Males were Marc, Roo and Keith. Women's Rx winners were Sam, Beth and Melissa. The scaled Men winners were Carl, Joe D., and Mike B. Women's Scaled winners were Donna, Bemaris and Amanda. 

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped fundraise! All of your work and dedication went directly to a good cause, and more importantly showed a fellow Cobalt bud some love in his time of need.

One more week to go! Keep your heads up, you're all BAMFs and should feel very proud of what you've accomplished so far. Let this last week be your best effort yet. Go out STRONG!

WEEK 3 - 18.3

Blue Steel Wins Week 3, and is gaining on the Express. The Lightning wins the spirit award for third week in a row. Rx Men winners were Marc, Roo and Kevin B. The women Rx winners were Beth, Sam and Melissa. For the scaled men, Andy, Tony and Joe D. get the win. The scaled women winners were Silvia, Amanda, and Donna.

We're more than 1/2 way through, Fam! Two weeks to go, lets keep up the hard work and fun!

WEEK 2 - 18.2 and 18.2a

DAaammmnnnn....2 WODS, amazing Spirit Week, and ALL the burpees. Each Wod was scored separately and the scaled and RX were given points for each. Here's the breakdown: The mens Rx winners for 18.2 were Marc, Roo, and Kevin B., with the scaled winners being Joe D. and Mike B. Women's Rx winners were Beth, Sam and Sue, with the scaled winners being Bemaris, Eleanor and Jamie. For 18.2 the men's Rx winners were Marc, Rob, and Roo. The Rx women were Sam, Beth and Sue. The scaled women winners came in as Dani, Eleanor, and Bemaris. (There were no 18.2 scores for men's scaled.)

Spirit points went to Cobalt Lightning, Blue Steel, Heavyweights, and Express, in that order. The jello shots, snacks and team pride were great...keep it up, fam! Remember, next week is "Support our Military/'Murca.'" Start thinking about week 4, where we will have a fundraiser for St. Judes Children's Hospital! Start collecting raffle prizes, the team that gets the most raffles wins the spirit award for that week.

WEEK 1 - 18.1

Great start! Cobalt Express Takes the lead with an overwhelming amount of WOD wins this week! Check the games leaderboard below for The Lightning took home the top spot for spirit points, with  The CFC Heavyweights got second. Get ready for Week 2, the second chance at Team Spirit!



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