Always arrive 5 minutes early and please do not disturb a class in session

* On-Ramp classes are by appointment only please call to schedule

** Advanced classes are for people with 3-4 Month experience, are proficient with most movements and comfortable scaling things themselves. This class the coach will be doing the WOD. This is NOT open gym.

  • Have CrossFit experience and looking to drop in? Please just shoot us a call or email first and let us know.
  • Sunday 9AM is our friends and family class if you want to bring someone down to try it out!
  • If you have NO CrossFit experience please call before coming down or come down Sunday.

Monday Night Specialty Classes:

Every Monday at 8PM we hold a specialty class (included with your membership)

1st Monday - Gymnastics with Miss Jacky 

  • everything gymnastics from tucks to kips to handstands and flips

2nd - Mobility 

  • get those joints and muscles moving properly! and watch your lifts, technique and PR's improve

3rd - Strongman

  • increase core stability and overall strength, while lifting practical items and challenging your limits

4th - Olympic Lifting 

  • snatch and clean and jerk form and training