If you're reading this, You probably just finished your first CrossFit Work-Out


Remember, drink more water, eat more protein and come back for your next class, even if you are sore! Read through this file for some general information, and check the rest of the site for more info….but all you really have to do is show up and we’ll take care of the rest. You already did the hardest part. You’ve made an AMAZING life choice. Now just sit back and enjoy the process! If you have an questions...

What to expect from the rest of On-Ramp

The On-Ramp program is made up of 4 classes. It’s designed to teach you what CrossFit is, the basic movements of CrossFit, and give you a basic introduction to nutrition. When you graduate you will be able to safely and fully participate in any regular class.

ON-Ramp Schedule:

·      Wednesday 8PM

·      Thursday 8PM

·      MAKE-UPS : Saturday 11:30AM and Sunday 11:00AM (must schedule weekends ahead of time)


What to Bring:

·      Work-out clothes – we will have a work out at the end of each class

·      Water – you need more water!

What happens after On-Ramp

Once you graduate, you can now attend any class available. There are no beginner or advanced classes (except for the 4PM on M,W,F). You can come to any other class and jump right in. Don’t be shy, we’ve all been the new guy and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how welcoming our CrossFit Cobalt Family can be. Check the schedule on our website for class times. 

Membership Options

You’re first month is always $99. After that, we offer Unlimited, 3x week, or a 10 visit punch card. There is no sign up fee, no cancellation fee, no hidden cost. All memberships are month to month.

Register for Classes

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to create your online account and register for class. If you have any questions just ask a coach and we’ll help you get set up. If you forget to register - no worries! Just come to class and sign in at the door.

Signing In to Class

If you registered before class, you’ll see yourself on the iPad and be able to sign in. If you didn’t register, that’s ok, just type in your name and check in to the class you’ll be attending for the day.

Daily Email

We send out a daily email that includes everything you need to know about the next day’s work out, current Cobalt Events and more. If you do not start receiving the emails by the end of on-ramp, we may have the wrong email address on file for you. Go to our "useful links" page and sign up for the daily newsletter, or let a coach know.

If you didn’t already know, membership carries with it some extra benefits…

Kids’ Room

  • Bring the kids while you WOD. 
  • Kids’ room does not have an attendant or sitter, but is gated, and in plain view of the work-out area
  • We have video games, a DVD player, toys, a black board and a big comfy couch to keep the little ones occupied for you
  • Please read and review the rules and regulations, and sign the waiver before bringing the kiddies (at the front desk)


Free Monday Night Specialty classes 8PM

A rotating schedule of these crossfit specialties, anyone can attend, work on specific skills with a WOD at the end

  • Gymnastics (handstand, rings, pull-ups, muscle-ups, etc..)
  • Olympic Lifting (snatch and clean and jerk)
  • Mobility (body and joint mobility for improved range of motion and pain relief)
  • Strongman (Lift things up and put them down…atlas stones, yolks, tires, etc..)

What to expect in your first class

Just show up! The rest is easy. You will start with the warm up on the board and go from there. Don’t expect to know everything or remember everything from on-ramp. There will be a coach there to help you through your first few times (and every time after that) if you have any questions.


  • Don’t wait until you are not sore to come back! If you wait, you’ll have to start over again! You’ve done all the work of learning and experiencing your first WOD’s. The next step is easy.
  • Always drink water! We have some available if you forget yours.
  • Make sure to eat 1-2 hour before you train…preferably protein.

Basic CrossFit Etiquette

Here are some basic tips for being a good fellow member and coachable athlete:

  • Don’t drop empty bars and kettle bells! - This hurts your coach’s souls, and a baby kitten will die.
  • Clean your equipment before putting it away. – There are spray bottles and wipes by the bathrooms.
  • DO THE WHOLE WARM UP– A lot of thought goes into it, it compliments your work out, and it’s where you will practice skills and build strength probably more than any other time.
  • Be Coachable. - You are lucky. You have a very qualified coaching staff at your disposal. All of whom want to teach you everything they know. Listen to them, ask them questions, and you wont be sorry.
  • Respect the Work.- Don’t interrupt the class before or after yours. They are working very hard, and deserve all of your respect, just as you will when it’s your turn. You’ll have plenty of time to warm up and do your own WOD, so if you’re early, appreciate other people’s effort and cheer them on! . Also, if someone is lifting heavy, give them space, and wait until their lift is over before crossing paths or chit-chatting with them! 
  • Be mindful of your surroundings.- Safety is always on our minds. If you see something, say something! There is often a lot of equipment around and we need all eyes keeping everyone safe. 
  • HAVE FUN!- Smile, make some new friends, and get incredibly fit and healthy along the way.


We realize we sound weird. But soon enough you’ll sound just like us. Here is a quick guide on CrossFit vocabulary…

W.O.D. – Work out of the day

AMRAP– “As Many Reps (or Rounds) As Possible”

AHAP– “As Heavy As Possible”

EMOM– “Every Minutes On the Minute”

E2MOM– “Every 2 Minutes On the Minute”

Tabata– 4 min. of cardio exercise that’s 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest

Pood– Russian unit of measurement used for kettle bells 

-       (2 Pood = 70lb; 1.5 pood = 53lb; 1.0 pood= 35lb.

Rx – Doing the workout “As Prescribed” with no modifications or scaling

PR– Personal Record

Box– a CrossFit gym, or…an actual box

Oly– Olympic lifting

Rack– The position of an object across the upper part of your body, across the front of the shoulders

The Hang– starting with weight hanging to your waist

Power– ending in a position that is not a full squat

Squat– ending in a position that is a below parallel squat

Strict– no use of momentum or kipping allowed

Kipping– using momentum and hips to assist your movement

Ab Mat– Mat for sit-ups, but can be used for padding in other exercises

Yoke– piece of equipment that you carry on your back

Sled– something you push or pull with weight on it



Press– pressing weight overhead with NO leg motion

Push Press(PP)– pressing weight overhead with assistance from your legs

Push Jerk– pressing weight overhead and catching it in a ¼ squat

Split Jerk– pressing weight overhead and catching it in a split stance

Dead Lift(DL)– lifting something from the ground to waist level

Sumo Deadlift High Pull(SDHP)– A sumo-stance, dead lift into a high pull

Snatch– lifting weight from the ground or hang position directly overhead

Clean– lifting from floor or hand position to rack position

Air squat– squatting with no weight on you

Back Squat(BS) – squatting with weight on your back

Front Squat(FS) – squatting with weight in front rack position

Overhead Squat(OHS) – Squatting with the weight held overhead

Kettle Bell Swing (KBS)

-       American – using your hips to swing a kettle bell directly over your head

-       Russian – using your hips to swing a kettle bell to eye level

Med-Ball Clean– lifting a med ball into the clean position

Wall Ball– squat and jump to throw the med ball up to the target, catch and repeat

Burpee– fall down and get back up, then celebrate with a jump and a clap over your head

Handstand Push-Up(HSPU)– starting from a handstand, lower your head to the ground and press back up

Butterfly Sit-Up– bottom of your feet touching in butterfly position, arms touch over- head and then past toes

Box Jump– jump on box with two feet, stand up tall at the top

Muscle–Up– going from a position of hanging from the rings or bar to pressing out above

Ring Row– feet on the floor, holding rings, lean back and pull up so rings touch your chest

Ring Dip – From an extended position in the rings, lower down and back up

Toes to Bar – hanging from the bar and touching both toes to the bar at the same time

Knees to Elbow– hanging from the bar, touch your knees to your elbows

V-Ups, Tuck-Ups, Windshield Wipers, Hollow Rocks, Supermans– all core exercises


** The rest you’ll figure out as you go! It takes a while, but no one cares! Ask a lot of questions, someone is always available to help :)

** THE REST OF OUR WEBSITE HAS A WEALTH OF INFORMATION, check it out for the daily WOD, Upcoming Events, Photo Gallery, Nutrition Info and more.






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